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What’s Trending in the City

I have now lived in the city exactly a week and could not be more in love with the constant hustle and bustle. My apartment is in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. An interesting community full of Millennials. With the interest comes tons of weird, eccentric, and trending fashion. Every time I walk the streets there is something new to take note of. Not to mention my favorite actress sat directly next to me on the Subway a few days ago.

My favorite trends:

Cheetah is back

I remember freshman year in High School all I wanted for Christmas was cheetah attire. It was my absolute favorite. But with time, it started to look out of style. Well boy oh boy am I glad it is back rolling down the street because cheetah=life. I recently attended the POPSUGAR conference and wore a cheetah dress.

Vintage is always back

Williamsburg is known as a vintage hub. So far I have only made it in a few spots, but did pick up some 70s style high waisted denim shorts. While vintage has always been in, I see it steadily gaining popularity, even in new clothing with a “vintage appeal”

Best Vintage Stores in Williamsburg: Buffalo Exchange, Fox and Fawn, Rabbits Vintage Fashion

Graphic tees are the new work tee

I don’t know if every resident in Brooklyn works from home or what, but there is no denying the casual environment of relaxing, grabbing a bite to eat, and hitting up the local coffee spot to work on your laptop ( in a graphic tee )

Graphic tees are also just my favorite thing to buy so I had to throw this in here. Whether it be from a local vintage spot or a cute summer monkey eating a banana, graphics just add personality to your outfit. I am only hoping if I wear on enough I can learn the secret behind this no work lifestyle.

NYC health craze

I recently joined the fanciest gym I have ever seen in my life. Is it worth it? So far completely. I have spent every single day there since signing up and can even watch Netflix on the treadmill. There is no denying the obvious health in the air in New York. Everyone has those super lean muscles you never knew how certain skinny minny girls kept through your college drinking years. Give me this summer and I hope to have them too. With health keeps the continuing craze of athleisure. Although I see less yoga pant wearing girls and more on trend matching two piece types, it’s there.

Check out my gym here!

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