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Sunny Vibes

On this beautiful Sunny Friday I couldn’t help but pull out a few of my favorite summer outfit choices. I am sort of obsessed with both this detailed off white shirt from Peace Love World, and this dress I found for a steal on They both are statement pieces that will stand out whether it is the silhouette and structure of the shirt, or the large bow on the back of the dress. However they are also just pretty pieces, and who doesn’t love wearing pretty things. Peace Love World’s brand can be pricey for a college girl like me, but you just have to have an eye for the sales. Right now they have quite a few things on sale that I have on my wishlist!! They are linked right below. Sheinside on the other hand is not pricey, and runs at the budget price point (kind of like a forever 21). Their stuff is all really girly and fun. Worth a look through. I have this exact white dress along with some other cute ones linked below as well. The rings in this picture were recently purchased at Nordstrom Rack.

PLW; Sale Shirt, Skirt, Tank. Sheinside; Dress, Dress, (My Dress)

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