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Happy Hump Day!

So if you guys followed me on my mini room tour via Insta Story yesterday you probably saw a few of the new pieces I got for my apartment in the city. This includes everything from super fuzzy lamb fur pillows to this amazing jewelry organizing mirror! Check out my “Room Find Highlights” section on Instagram if you missed it! I also linked to specific items there! But I thought I’d make a post with direct links as well.

 1) Amazon Jewelry Organizer/Mirror 2) Deny Designs Desk 3) Amazon Chair 4) Deny Pillow 

I wouldn’t say I have a specific style when it comes to decorating or fashion. I am always changing my style based on the day. However- as of late I have been loving sleek modern neutrals with pops of color (hence the pillow). This is just a round up of my newer favorite pieces- because I want them to be available for you to purchase. With this said, there is nothing more romantic than finding a one of a kind vintage piece for your room. I have been on the hunt for a side table in the area- and will let you know when one steals my heart.

Side Note: I have been annoying my mom by telling her everything is just “part of my new adult life” This includes my decor, new white plush towels, a healthy diet, and a posh gym membership. “my new adult life” is still working on the budgeting part. But until then- I am super happy with these finds.






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