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Hello Loves! I am so excited for this coming weekend! With all the running around and activities for the fourth I needed an outfit that was cute and comfy. I cannot be the only one that tries to fit into shorts and have them be super tight around my thighs and butt and huge around my waist. It is uncomfortable and unflattering. Therefore on weekends such as this I try to find ways to dress down skirts and make them become an everyday option…

Shirt (similar)Skirt (similar)SunniesShoes (similar)-Watch\

Guest Appearance by the one and only Brenna Hogan. Not only is she gorgeous but she also is talented… taking a lot of the photos I have up on the blog so far! If that isn’t enough she also has a sense of style I couldn’t let slide by. This skirt and shirt combination is perfect. I will post a few similar options below! Great outfit pic for a summer date…


Shirt (similar)Skirt (similar)SunniesWatch



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