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Girl Time

I spent last week exploring the city with my one and only – My Mom! I wanted to do a quick overview of what we did, wore, drank, and ate!


I sported a range of outfits over the span of the week but my favorite had to be this adorable turquoise high low piece from a local boutique here in Williamsburg. I looked up the brand and unfortunately it is only sold wholesale to boutiques- however if you ever find yourself in the area, the boutique is called Fanaberie. They also have super cool jewelry for super reasonable prices!

Of course we hit up the best streets in Soho and WOW- does French Connection have some great deals going right now- along with just about every retailer. However I highly recommend clicking the link and checking it out online.

Aside from some Soho and Boutique shopping we also hit up Goodwill in Midtown. There is where I found this perfect Kate Spade white shirt for only 8 dollars (in my other pictures)! I’m telling you all- Goodwill in the city is unlike any other. You have to come browse the selections- so many brand new items never worn I would never buy full price. I also love thrifting just for environmental reasons putting the awesome steals aside.


We went to Boys In The Band on Broadway– It was my first Broadway experience and I had the time of my life- I highly recommend the show if you will be in the city this summer. Matt Bomer (my fav) along with a whole star studded cast is in the show. Incredibly funny and fun!

We also went to the top of the Empire State Building where I snapped a few of these photos! It was a great view- but SO expensive. It cost close to 80.00 for the both of us to go up to the top. I would recommend going to One World Trade Center instead and stopping at one of the restaurants at the top!

Bites n Drinks

I took my mom to the hotel I am currently bartending at on the weekends!- The William Vale. It has unreal city views and a beautiful rooftop restaurant overlooking the city. There we drank champagne and relaxed. Highly recommend Westlight or The Turf Club as a place to be in Williamsburg.

We also hit up Joe’s Pizza (bomb), Peter Luger Steakhouse (the best steak ever), and quick bites here and there! Always feel free to dm me for recs!

XO BABEs happy monday.






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