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Denim on Denim

The last Monday living in Kent. Whatttt?? Life moves so quickly.

Denim vests are my favorite thing. I shot this look a little bit back and wanted to share it with you guys on here! I actually got this vest while I was studying abroad in Italy at the local Zara in Florence. I have definitely got my moneys worth out of it and forever will. It is just a classic denim piece and the obsession has never ended. I wore it over a denim Calvin Klein dress that is the perfect layering piece. Hence- denim on denim.

Aside from the two denim pieces I am also sporting a leather backpack with my fav poof ball key chain, and platform shoes from Urban Outfitters. I will link the products or similar below!

What am I wearing? Denim Vest (similar), Denim Dress (similar), Platform shoes,

Poof ball keychain, Leather backpack


Hope you all have a superb week! I know I will (:


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