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Blush and Black

Happy December!

I have decided there are two types of people in this world. The first is the person who already has their nails painted sparkly red, decorations up before Thanksgiving, and cheerful holiday tunes blaring in the car as they drive to work. The second is the person who hates the first person and only wants to hear holiday tunes one week prior to Christmas.(ya grinch!) So anyways, I am person number one and am so happy December is here so I can run around and be obnoxiously cheerful!

Todays outfit incorporates arguably my second favorite color, Blush! (first is olive green) Blush has been a huge trend for the past few years and can now be seen as a winter shade as well. I almost look at it as a neutral because it works so well with other colors. For this particular outfit I just used it as a statement for my all black ensemble with a hat, scarf, and my amazing Tod’s sneakers I sniped in Italy.

SO… I figured you should have some blush in your wardrobe as well if you don’t already! Am I right??

What am I wearing? Leggings,The hat is from a boutique by my house, JB&me

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