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Fur Sleeves

Happy Tuesdaze. Less than a week till Santa!

So who doesn’t love a nice neutral colored sweatshirt? Add fur sleeves and you have yourself the softest lounging sweatshirt around. I obviously lounged in it quite a bit before the photo shoot because it looks like it needs to be ironed.. oops. I picked this up from Express when they were running deals around Thanksgiving, and they still have it in stock here for 50% off today! It also comes in Black which is a nice touch depending on you skin tone.

The boots are the new Modern style by Thursday Boot Co. my obvious fav. I got the daisy color just because I love to wear different shades of white all year long. Finally, you can’t miss these faux leather leggings by Spanx. They are the perfect touch to almost every outfit, especially when you just want to be comfy.




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Blush and Black

Happy December!

I have decided there are two types of people in this world. The first is the person who already has their nails painted sparkly red, decorations up before Thanksgiving, and cheerful holiday tunes blaring in the car as they drive to work. The second is the person who hates the first person and only wants to hear holiday tunes one week prior to Christmas.(ya grinch!) So anyways, I am person number one and am so happy December is here so I can run around and be obnoxiously cheerful!

Todays outfit incorporates arguably my second favorite color, Blush! (first is olive green) Blush has been a huge trend for the past few years and can now be seen as a winter shade as well. I almost look at it as a neutral because it works so well with other colors. For this particular outfit I just used it as a statement for my all black ensemble with a hat, scarf, and my amazing Tod’s sneakers I sniped in Italy.

SO… I figured you should have some blush in your wardrobe as well if you don’t already! Am I right??

What am I wearing? Leggings,The hat is from a boutique by my house, JB&me

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Just Because

Hey you.

It is the start of another week, and I just was thinking about how many people go through life hating Mondays. This semester they are one of my favorite parts of the week because I have classes and some extra me time. Which is funny because if you asked Catherine as a Freshman in college how she felt about Mondays she would throw out the Bitmoji of coffee poured all over her head. As I have gotten older I have come to realize that you have to appreciate every single day for what it is, because 1/7 days a week for your entire life is a TON of life. I am begging you to find something during these hard days to make you appreciate it.

For example, I wore a bright pink shade of my favorite Urban Decay lipstick in “menace” (will link) just because I wanted to feel extra sassy today. I also started a diet (might only last a week) but I did it for my whole Monday and that makes me end the day on a high note. Maybe you feel the opposite and spend every day all the time dieting and working out, maybe you should go get a cupcake! It is the little things throughout every day that matters.

SO what are some little things

You could wear this….Urban Decay Vice: It comes in 120 colors so they have to have the right shade for you! Never be afraid of bright pink or vampy red.

Read…The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fu**: This book is everything, so honest and on point. Then go read You are a Bad Ass: I haven’t read this one yet but it looks intriguing.

Listen to these songs….December 1963 by Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons, Yours by Jason Mraz, Or Fuck You by Lily Allen.. because I don’t know how your love life is going and Lily Allen gets us on our off days.

And you absolutely need to drink this: VOGA Italia Pinot Grigio: This tastes as good as the bottle looks. I just threw this in there because it is what I am doing right now.


Next week I will have a full fall outfit round up! Or possibly this weekend if I find time.

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Vegas Baby

Hey you. Here are some photos of me getting posey posey around Las Vegas!

I can’t believe my birthday was already a couple weeks ago. My mom is the sweetest human to roam the earth and took me on a mother daughter trip for my 21st. It was everything! I even won some money at the casino.

I love going on trips because there are always different styles from city to city. It inspires me to put together outfits differently and get an idea about what is coming to the midwest. I only pictured a few outfits from the trip because I wasn’t focused on getting photos as much as I was in living in the moment.

Just going on any trips to a warmer destination? I am going to link some summer wear because it is the time to buy it all on sale! My following posts are going to be all about fall so take in the warmth while you can! xo.

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Thursday Boot Ambassador

Leather obsession continues this semester because I have taken a position as campus ambassador for Thursday Boot Co. I thought it would be a fun way to share outfits and their amazing boots, plus I can include you guys in everything! I already have done a post on the first pair of Thursday Boots I owned here, and in the pictures above you can see the second pair I received. Both styles are similar and I think the biggest difference is definitely the colors. I love this honey suede look because I don’t have anything like it in my shoe wardrobe. It is a fresh spin off gray black and brown boots we all own. The boots aren’t cheap but they are well worth the price. You can literally smell the fresh leather when you open the box and if you want a pair of boots that get better with time this is them.

And for your boys…. they have a great selection of mens boots! I know my brothers love them.

So besides the boots I am wearing a fun jean jacket from Missguided, a choker I got from the Nordstrom anniversary sale, black J Brand jeans I found for a steal, and my green v-neck basic go to from GAP.

What am I wearing? Top Jeans Jacket Thursday Boots

Goodnight Loves! XO.

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Embroidered Lunch Date

Hey guys. Sorry this post is delayed. The past few weeks I was finishing up my summer job, moving back to Kent and then preparing to start a new job on Monday! I was putting away my wardrobe in my tiny closet here at school which means layers of things on top of each other. I even had to put a bin of clothes in my trunk “in case” I need it. I have a big too much stuff issue.

Anyways I just am excited to be blogging from school again, I always am inspired by the other fashion students and love to see what people put together so I can incorporate it for Cat Bar Fashion readers. So thanks for stopping by today and know there is plenty more to come.

Embroidery was big in Italy last semester so why not bring it back in action this fall! I love the look on the otherwise plain white button down. I found this shirt at Nordstrom Rack (whats new!) and its on sale! Love that place. I wore it with my J Brand jeans I have had for a while and my kork-ease shoes. I then wore a fun lace bralette and tied the shirt up enough so it would peek a boo underneath.

It is a perfect lunch day look. SO here are the links!

What am I wearing? Top  Kork-Ease


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Island Living

Suntan. Pool. Happy Hour. Repeat.

That was the schedule of the last long weekend I had and it was amazing. I went to Marco Island with my mom and girlfriend Sarah and her mom! It has been a place I have been visiting for years and I know it like the back of my hand.

I brought a lot of darker colors on the trip and am linking some swimsuits, dresses, and a skirt. If you follow me on Instagram (@catbarfashion) you probably saw that I am wearing a black skirt as a strapless dress in the picture. I got a steal on the skirt at Nordstrom Rack and I think it is fun to turn things into something new.

Sooo aside from this girls weekend awesomeness… I am treating the blog like a diary today and want to share some exciting things happening in my life! The first news is that I got a job during the school year at Area Trend as a Buying Intern! The second if that I also got a position as a brand ambassador for Thursday Boot Co. this Fall! So between these two fun companies I feel like I will have some new insight into items and things we all need in our Fall wardrobe. On top of that it is going to be my final year at Kent and then I will be going where the wind blows me! I can’t wait to see what the future hold. so cliche but true.





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Chicago Dreams


While I am dreaming of moving somewhere out west or down south after I finish up this year, I can’t help but love the windy city. Chicago is perfect because it is close enough to home where I can still experience midwestern city vibes. SO I decided to spend a weekend away there.

I had a ton of fun going with my good friend Angela. We explored the city all around and did a little shopping at the Anniversary sale. For our brunch on Saturday we went to Fremont, a night club they turn into a crazy brunch. They had a donut wall and blackberry mimosas (key to my heart). I would recommend it for a special Saturday occasion.

I sported a lot of darker colors over the weekend. I don’t know why I am so attracted to purchasing black/gray/navy everything these past few months, but I just feel like it is slimming and cool. #currentmood.

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Summer Tie Dye Look

Hey hey it’s Tuesday.

Today I get to talk about my favorite pattern/color/whatever you want to call it.. TIE DYE! I seriously have an obsession that will never go away. It is such a fun look all year round, but it makes the most sense in the summer. I got this super cute top from TOBI.  They have the best Tie Dye selection around + It is reasonably priced. I will link all my favorite pieces from their site below with my top! I matched the look with a fun bralette, some white Vince pants, my usual Replay boots I can never get enough of, and these super cheap sunnies from Amazon (you’d never know).

SUPER cool TiE DyE

What am I wearing? Top Pants(similar) Sunnies



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All Tied Up

Guys. I seriously have a travel urge. Going from 5 months of straight traveling and living a dream to work work work is actually depressing. I don’t know what has gotten into me but I just haven’t been feeling like myself. The good news is that the rest of summer is about to be fabulous. This weekend I am traveling to Chicago followed by a trip to school the next weekend to see Dierks Bentley play at an outdoor concert! Woohoo. I am starting to plan some really cool outfits for ya.

This week I wanted to share a few fun looks. The first one are these super cool tie up pants by Tobi! I AM OBSESSED. Everyone needs a pair of tie up pants to feel sexy in. If you can’t tell by my sweater and boots I pretty much always want to dress for the fall. So I did what I wanted and made these pants work with a fun Anthro sweater and my tall Replay boots. I have no doubt you will be seeing these cool pants matched in a million other ways in future posts.

What am I wearing?? Sweater(similar) Tobi Pants Boots(similar) Sunnies

ALERT: If you head over to my shop page you will see all my Nordstrom Anniversary sale picks! Definitely worth the browse.