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Not So Simple

There is something magical about the perfect New York night.

At first I didn’t see it. This is true for most who look at life through a narrow microscope. Growing up in the Midwest everything was broken down into normal. My normal life was going to be chasing the perfect position, received not less than a month out of college, with the most beautiful man who treated me like an angel. I worked my ass off in college towards this end goal. Three months later and my life is completely flipped from the perfect perspective I thought I deserved.

The funny thing about “thinking you deserve” something is that it never ends up close to what you expect. I am currently single, bartending, and interviewing a minimum of three days a week. The city is like a sweaty, humid, sticky, dirty place. But then it is also beautiful, eccentric, intriguing, challenging, and full of opportunity. Full of a million different high and lows that most of the time make no sense. The beauty in the city is something that is found in the Not So Simple moments.

I would never change a thing.

I love the journey. But I am so sick of feeling like I am supposed to deserve something so much more normal. I chose this not so simple journey and yet I struggle every day to accept that.

Today I was walking home from meeting some coworkers for a few beers. I don’t know if it was the buzz or the fact the humidity finally chilled down for two seconds but everything was brought to light like never before. A child was running like a bird in his jacket, a woman was on the phone talking about how to get her coworker out of jail (no joke), couples were stuffing their faces with large New York style slices. Nothing was simple. But it was perfect anyways. The perfect New York Night.

Stay Real. XO.

What am I wearing? Zara Dress, Similar shoes







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Girl Time

I spent last week exploring the city with my one and only – My Mom! I wanted to do a quick overview of what we did, wore, drank, and ate!


I sported a range of outfits over the span of the week but my favorite had to be this adorable turquoise high low piece from a local boutique here in Williamsburg. I looked up the brand and unfortunately it is only sold wholesale to boutiques- however if you ever find yourself in the area, the boutique is called Fanaberie. They also have super cool jewelry for super reasonable prices!

Of course we hit up the best streets in Soho and WOW- does French Connection have some great deals going right now- along with just about every retailer. However I highly recommend clicking the link and checking it out online.

Aside from some Soho and Boutique shopping we also hit up Goodwill in Midtown. There is where I found this perfect Kate Spade white shirt for only 8 dollars (in my other pictures)! I’m telling you all- Goodwill in the city is unlike any other. You have to come browse the selections- so many brand new items never worn I would never buy full price. I also love thrifting just for environmental reasons putting the awesome steals aside.


We went to Boys In The Band on Broadway– It was my first Broadway experience and I had the time of my life- I highly recommend the show if you will be in the city this summer. Matt Bomer (my fav) along with a whole star studded cast is in the show. Incredibly funny and fun!

We also went to the top of the Empire State Building where I snapped a few of these photos! It was a great view- but SO expensive. It cost close to 80.00 for the both of us to go up to the top. I would recommend going to One World Trade Center instead and stopping at one of the restaurants at the top!

Bites n Drinks

I took my mom to the hotel I am currently bartending at on the weekends!- The William Vale. It has unreal city views and a beautiful rooftop restaurant overlooking the city. There we drank champagne and relaxed. Highly recommend Westlight or The Turf Club as a place to be in Williamsburg.

We also hit up Joe’s Pizza (bomb), Peter Luger Steakhouse (the best steak ever), and quick bites here and there! Always feel free to dm me for recs!

XO BABEs happy monday.






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Sleek Decor

Happy Hump Day!

So if you guys followed me on my mini room tour via Insta Story yesterday you probably saw a few of the new pieces I got for my apartment in the city. This includes everything from super fuzzy lamb fur pillows to this amazing jewelry organizing mirror! Check out my “Room Find Highlights” section on Instagram if you missed it! I also linked to specific items there! But I thought I’d make a post with direct links as well.

 1) Amazon Jewelry Organizer/Mirror 2) Deny Designs Desk 3) Amazon Chair 4) Deny Pillow 

I wouldn’t say I have a specific style when it comes to decorating or fashion. I am always changing my style based on the day. However- as of late I have been loving sleek modern neutrals with pops of color (hence the pillow). This is just a round up of my newer favorite pieces- because I want them to be available for you to purchase. With this said, there is nothing more romantic than finding a one of a kind vintage piece for your room. I have been on the hunt for a side table in the area- and will let you know when one steals my heart.

Side Note: I have been annoying my mom by telling her everything is just “part of my new adult life” This includes my decor, new white plush towels, a healthy diet, and a posh gym membership. “my new adult life” is still working on the budgeting part. But until then- I am super happy with these finds.






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What’s Trending in the City

I have now lived in the city exactly a week and could not be more in love with the constant hustle and bustle. My apartment is in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. An interesting community full of Millennials. With the interest comes tons of weird, eccentric, and trending fashion. Every time I walk the streets there is something new to take note of. Not to mention my favorite actress sat directly next to me on the Subway a few days ago.

My favorite trends:

Cheetah is back

I remember freshman year in High School all I wanted for Christmas was cheetah attire. It was my absolute favorite. But with time, it started to look out of style. Well boy oh boy am I glad it is back rolling down the street because cheetah=life. I recently attended the POPSUGAR conference and wore a cheetah dress.

Vintage is always back

Williamsburg is known as a vintage hub. So far I have only made it in a few spots, but did pick up some 70s style high waisted denim shorts. While vintage has always been in, I see it steadily gaining popularity, even in new clothing with a “vintage appeal”

Best Vintage Stores in Williamsburg: Buffalo Exchange, Fox and Fawn, Rabbits Vintage Fashion

Graphic tees are the new work tee

I don’t know if every resident in Brooklyn works from home or what, but there is no denying the casual environment of relaxing, grabbing a bite to eat, and hitting up the local coffee spot to work on your laptop ( in a graphic tee )

Graphic tees are also just my favorite thing to buy so I had to throw this in here. Whether it be from a local vintage spot or a cute summer monkey eating a banana, graphics just add personality to your outfit. I am only hoping if I wear on enough I can learn the secret behind this no work lifestyle.

NYC health craze

I recently joined the fanciest gym I have ever seen in my life. Is it worth it? So far completely. I have spent every single day there since signing up and can even watch Netflix on the treadmill. There is no denying the obvious health in the air in New York. Everyone has those super lean muscles you never knew how certain skinny minny girls kept through your college drinking years. Give me this summer and I hope to have them too. With health keeps the continuing craze of athleisure. Although I see less yoga pant wearing girls and more on trend matching two piece types, it’s there.

Check out my gym here!

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Denim on Denim

The last Monday living in Kent. Whatttt?? Life moves so quickly.

Denim vests are my favorite thing. I shot this look a little bit back and wanted to share it with you guys on here! I actually got this vest while I was studying abroad in Italy at the local Zara in Florence. I have definitely got my moneys worth out of it and forever will. It is just a classic denim piece and the obsession has never ended. I wore it over a denim Calvin Klein dress that is the perfect layering piece. Hence- denim on denim.

Aside from the two denim pieces I am also sporting a leather backpack with my fav poof ball key chain, and platform shoes from Urban Outfitters. I will link the products or similar below!

What am I wearing? Denim Vest (similar), Denim Dress (similar), Platform shoes,

Poof ball keychain, Leather backpack


Hope you all have a superb week! I know I will (:


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Stripes for Life

I keep thinking it’s Sunday night but…. it’s Thursday so that’s weird. I guess that is what happens when you’re in the last few weeks of your senior year of college and are playing as much as you can! Today I wanted to come at you guys with my love for striped pants. These particular ones were a find from a discount store near my house in Ohio called Gabriel Brothers. I also got my h-o-m-i-e-s tee there! I’m going to miss finding treasures there when I move away!

Anyways, while I may not be able to find these particular pants there are SO many cute similar ones. I usually am not a huge fan of stripes, but I find the vertical set up on pants are flattering and fun!

Check out these TopShop and Urban Outfitters Patterned Pants!

Check out these two fun cropped tees I have had my eye on here and here!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday Night. XO.

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Best Sustainable Fashion Brands

Well hello there. Now that the semester is finally cooling down and I have more time on my hands I figured I should get a lot more consistent on Cat Bar Fashion! Today I wanted to talk about something that is true to my own heart, sustainability.

This is so important because the fashion industry is super destructive starting with the factory and ending with the donations/trash. A lot of people don’t realize how much the apparel life cycle has sped up in recent years, season releases of clothing barely existing and turning into two week cycles. All due to consumers attention span. Which I blame on technology (whole other issue for another time).

While many of my friends love Forever 21, Zara, H&M among other fast fashion retailers (don’t get me wrong I own certain items there too!) they are SO awful on our environment. The speed and price of the clothing not only is bad on the environment, but also on the workers abroad who are forced under little pay to work even quicker just so we can buy a shirt we might wear once for 5 dollars. After we are over this one wear shirt we happily donate it thinking we are helping newly developing countries abroad when really all we are doing is making it almost impossible for local retailers to compete.

Anyways, it is a never ending cycle and I could go a lot more in depth than I did. However, I really just wanted to place the seed in your mind so you’re more thoughtful about your purchases and only buy things you love! Below I am going to list my favorite sustainable fashion brands. So we can keep the environment looking as beautiful as this picture I took in Switzerland last year!

  1. Reformation
  2. Patagonia
  3. Girlfriend Collective

Reformation is the go to place for cute every day wear. They pride themselves on their sustainability and ethical practices. Plus I just love their stuff! Think of it as a small donation to the future.

Patagonia is all about fixing products and not over consuming what you don’t actually need. Cough cough everyone including myself.

Girlfriend Collective makes their products at an ethical factory in Vietnam made of recycled plastic water bottles!! And I have multiple pairs because they feel nicer than my Lululemons!!! No joke.

Check out these sites and let me know what you think!

Love you all,


Cat Bar

Spring Must Haves

hey loves.

I recently went on Spring Break and was able to wear some of my new UO sale items. Today they are offering an extra 30% off their sale so it’ll be even cheaper for ya! I have always been a huge fan of the wrap dress. This fun polka dot pink wrap dress in the pictures is the perfect piece. It’s lightweight, but still has long sleeves. see it here!

Aside from this adorable wrap dress, there are so many cute sale pieces you MUST look at. Check out the whole section here!

ALSO.. check out this place for super adorable pieces for Spring as well- Storets. Just a quick post today! Have a wonderful night.



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Success is an Adventure

Hey there,

Happy Monday! Its the start of another week and I am daydreaming about Spring Attire! I just had to do a product wrap up of some of my fav finds so far for Spring and life in general.. just click the links! After that, I have a life journey (so far) post if at all interested, or just curious about chasing after a degree in Fashion.

  1. These insanely cute embellished jeans ON major sale from Anthro. I recommend waiting until they have their additional percentage off clearance to purchase.
  2. Benefits new mascara that I went out in, slept with, and spent the whole next day with it looking JUST. AS. GOOD.
  3. These velvet Aerie high waisted bikini bottoms I will be rocking on spring break.
  4. Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer, I always heard it was great but it took me until recently to truly try it. I now wear it every single day.
  5. Anyone else have a peach fuzz mustache? I went and purchased one of those mini razors from Remington and love playing with it. Dont worry, the stache is gone!
  6. These crazy chunky perfect Free People Sunnies!
  7. The Revel by Thursday Boot Co. You guys already know how much I love these boots if you know me…. I wear them in all seasons everywhere all the time.
  8. In picture: Topshop Sweater, J Brand Jeans, Thursday Boots.


So I, like many other college students about to graduate in a few months, am wondering a number of things….

  1. What do I do now?
  2. How did it happen so fast?
  3. Where do I move?

I have spent enough time stressed out about this life where everything works out perfect and my dream job magically appears. I have done everything from my first big move in High School (going to Philly over the summer for design classes) to moving to Ohio to go to Kent Fashion School. This led to a summer in Chicago and semester in Italy! I have accomplished so much yet I always feel like its never enough and I need the next adventure and step. I guess this post is just about appreciating how far you have come. Yes, this is about my adventures, but I know some people forget to reflect as well. We spend too much energy focusing on the future when we really should be looking at the present and what brought us to where we are today! I also hope this is helpful if you or someone you know wants to pursue a degree in Fashion.

These are some of the most transformative experiences I have completed so far, and hope to bring with me in the future endeavors post graduation!

  1. A summer at Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia. If you are at all interested in pursuing a career in Fashion Merchandising or Design they have some great programs where you can gain real college experience and credits. I completed this journey the summer after my Junior year of High School. I was aching for an adventure somewhere new and I was lucky enough to be supported by my parents as I followed my childhood dream of a career in Fashion. Here I learned how to be on my own for the first time in a big city, make new connections and friends, and study in a college level environment
  2. Next I graduated from my preppy (boring) High School and moved to Ohio. Somewhere so blase from what I expected. I remember in Anatomy class I was looking into moving to California, however I told myself to stay somewhat closer to home and went after a degree at the best fashion school nearby, Kent State. The first year at Kent was anything but perfect. I knew I was exploring my passions but I just didn’t feel like I felt into Ohio at all. However, I knew if I stuck it out I would be able to study abroad at the Kent campus in Florence, and boy am I glad I did.
  3. The following years at Kent were great, I met super close friends, started interning wherever I could (Summer in Chicago), and dreamt of the future studies I would have the Spring of my Junior year in Florence, Italy
  4. HELLLS to the yes. The semester was pure gold. I loved Italy, I loved traveling, I loved new experiences. Don’t get my wrong, the semester had its downs (I broke my arm) but nothing could take away from this experience. I highly recommend anyone, in any degree to take advantage of studying away.
  5. Finally, this brings me to my senior year. Senior year has been a tough one, and definitely not my favorite. I guess coming back to Ohio after the high of Italy was hard. On top of that I have to now decide what to do, where to move, and find a job. With that being said there is also more to be thankful than ever before, this is because I am surrounded by so many amazing people in Kent I would of never knew existed if I transferred my Freshman year.

You might of not read this all the way through, and thats ok. But if there is anything that I want someone to get out of this it is that success is the journey, not necessarily the final destination. AND there are so many downs. BUT the ups make it all worth it!

So how do I answer the three questions at the top of the post? Well I am not completely sure yet, pretty sure I am going to jump head first into another adventure and move to NYC, but I do know I am going to enjoy the lumpy bumps and work my tush off on the way there!! I also am looking to connect with girls who can share their city adventures and big moves to tell me what to do!

Keep you guys updated…




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Coffee Date

One of my favorite things about the city of Kent is the cute local coffee shops. Whether it’s a lavender latte or a spicy mocha they are always throwing me for a loop with the interesting flavors. Today I went with my girly Brook to Bent Tree and snapped some pics in my outfit. Of course I had to make a post in these Free Bird by Steve Madden boots. They are a definite statement piece and a favorite gift from Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, how is it already February? Time is flying by and my anxiety about graduating in May and becoming a big girl is real. The most exciting part of the adventure ahead is definitely a change, while I love Kent and the cute coffee shops I am dying to get into the big city lifestyle. Hopefully I will find a job!! Send good luck my way!

To match my boots I wore a long knit sweater, with another knit Free People shirt underneath. It was a fun laid back look, and I will link what is still in store and similar items below.

I am trying super hard to get back at being consistent with blogging but it is so hard when I am attending classes full time. Hopefully my future city adult girl life will find more time, we will see!



What am I wearing? Steve Madden Boots, Jeans (similar), Leather Earrings, Rebecca Minkoff Bag( Similar),